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Building World Class Hunting and Field Trial Dogs
World Class Bird Dogs

Training Packages

Puppy Program


Our Puppy Program is ideal for dogs 6 months - 1 year old.  We expose your puppy to the field, guns, and birds with daily exercise. Program is typically a 30-45 day timeline or longer as required.  No two dogs are the same and learn at different speeds. 

  • Daily exercise in the field with gun, bird, and handling exposure
  • Boarding and Nutrition (Purina Pro Plan*)
  • Shot record or Helath Certificate required

Basic Training


This training includes: daily exercise, bird introduction, collar conditioning, whoa breaking, gun exposure, steady to flush, boarding, and food (Purina Pro Plan*)

Typically a 30 - 45 day timeline, no two dogs are the same and learn at different speeds. 

Upon completion your dog will receive a World Class Training Certificate.

Basic Training graduates are encourages to enroll in the Extensive Training Program for finishing.

*Food subject to change

Extensive Training


Training includes: Everyting that is part of the Basic Training Package Plus:  wild bird exposure, run from foot, horseback, ATV, hunting exposure.  Graduates receive a World Class Training certificate.

Steady to Wing and Shot


After point is established, dog will stand steady to flush and shot.  Communication and expectations discussed on a dog by dog basis. 

Force Fetch


Teach your dog to retreive.  Price is a flat fee and includes 20 birds.  All additional birds (if required) are charged on top of this at market price (approx $5).

Wild Bird Exposure Adventures


Pop-Up Training at assorted wild bird hot spots including Pheasant, Quail, Prairie Chickens, Chukkar, Grouse, Woodcock and more.  Priced per adventure. Limited space available - stay tuned for upcoming event details.




Our boarding services are per day and include daily exercise and food.  Shot records and vet helth certificate required.

Contact us for more training packages