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Building World Class Hunting and Field Trial Dogs
World Class Bird Dogs

Dog Training

We build World Class Bird Dogs.  Our trainers are experienced in growing champions and making your dog the best they can be.  We have state of the art technology so that you can see video updates of your dog in the field during training.  You become part of the process and there are no surprises.

Training Packages

bird dog training

We offer several training packages from our Puppy Program to Basic Training and through Extensive Training.  We also offer Steady to Wing & Shot, Force Fetch, and Wild Bird Adventrures. 

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Our Trainers

Our Bird Dog Trainers

Our trainers have the experience and track record of success to make your dog the best it can be through posiitve reinforcement and expert guidance.

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Training Intro

Overview of the training from our trainers themselves.  Learn more about the progress updates and methodologies.

Puppy Program Intro

What your dog will learn as part of our puppy training program

Force Fetch Intro

Teaching your dog to retrieve consistently